Planetary disaster

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The accident which caused the catastrophe could have been a common one. It was decided to transport the bomb by a centaur class fighter-bomber, the test should have taken place in the asteroid belt. Unfortunately a failure in the auxiliary generator activated the bomb by its overvoltage. The crash landing which resulted activated the bomb and the detonator reached the planetary core before clashing, in accordance with it's basic programming.
A concussion bomb not have an explosive part, it uses a piece of the planetary core as blasting charge.
The temporary and localised modification of the weak force constant which is a result for the detonation transform all iron in 100 m into a something more unstable than plutonium…
The explosion only causes one large earthquake, but the thermal energy released by the induced nuclear reactions involve the fusion of the planetary core, and in the case of Mars, partial fusion of the mantle.
The burned March, with its strong residual radioactivity will remain as a testimony of the madness of the men and their inventiveness into destruction.

Big delirium in POV-Ray, an interesting scene to build, for the luminous textures and effects, but a torture for an Intel (R) Pentium (R) 4 with 2.80GHz: 142 hours 3 minutes 42 seconds of render….

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