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La terre vue de la Lune ...

Bnork and I, one had left to get around with the Egg.
I like these promenades with the Earth near the horizon.
We where hovering for 2 or 3 hours when I saw it: a kind of can coupled with a large spider-like animal. I immediately understood what it was, our neighbors had succeeded in building an interplanetary machine.
Gosh ! I started to like it, this small dry and craterized satellite. And the sight of the Earth, eternally low on our horizon, was very beautiful. Since we received the visit of their first automatic probes we suspected it.... We will have to move, Mars without doubts...
I will regret the Moon.

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The Egg is 100% pure Bryce, the first métaballs with which I am happy ! The Earth is taken from my old Earth-Moon system. The Galaxy background is an image, I did not find from where it comes. No post-prod except the signature...

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