The Greath Labyrinth of Toholl

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The origins of the Greath Labyrinth of Toholl are lost in the mists of time.
Some people claims that the first colonists, the founders of the dynasty of Four Universes found it when they landed.
This artifact is protected by a powerful magnetic field oscillating which immediately destroys any apparatus which approaches some.
The image that you presently see was taken from the mount of the regrets at the time when 4 peregrins of the Tan'Gire domain arised on the intermediary plazza.
To get in the temple of the primary light they will have to cross the tests of the fours elements.
No pilgrim never agreed to tell what he sees and, curiously, an impermeable fog for any detector rises at the time of the tests.

The two labyrinths are images found on the Web, the central one is the labyrinth of the cathedral of Rheims, destroyed under Philippe Le Bel. It is a labyrinth with single way, starting from the entry one can only got to the center, but one is forced to pass by the 4 corners. The whole procedural textured in Bryce!!!
For information: the central labyrinth is traversed in the following order: Water, Air, Fire, Earth.
(I had put the elements randomly.)

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